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Who we are

Mangueiras, mangueiras industriais, mangueiras hidráulicas, bunkering hoses, mangueira, mangueira offshore

TESS BRAZIL is an international supplier of hoses, services and products for the operation and maintenance of the Offshore industry and market.

With over 50 years of history supporting mission critical Oil and Gas operations, we specialize in solution design, assembly, pressure testing, certification, lifespan and hose installation for all purposes, including: Industrial, Hydraulic, Subsea and Ultra High Pressure. 

We currently operate a service center in Brazil and more than one hundred bases around the world, being market leaders in Norway and a world reference in the offshore market. 

We are most proud of the quality and safety of our products and services, the result of our vast experience in Oil and Gas industry and our strong partnership with the main manufacturers in the market.

Excellence in everything we do.

We prioritize only high quality products and suppliers that are recognized in the market, where the objective is to bring the longest possible useful life to the equipment. The services aim to ensure greater uptime and better profits for our customers.

Independence, sobriety and self-determination characterize TESS. Service availability for our customers is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TESS has been doing what it has been doing for over 50 years. We build trust in customers through action. This is our success factor.
Creating value for our customers has been our purpose since the beginning. Our focus is on sustainable development, innovation, the environment and excellence in everything we do.

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Mangueiras, mangueiras industriais, mangueiras hidráulicas, bunkering hoses, mangueira, mangueira offshore

Sustainable development.

Sustainable development is about taking care of the needs of today without destroying the opportunities of future generations. The UN's sustainability goals reflect the three dimensions of sustainable development: Climate and Environment, Economy and Social Conditions. TESS BRAZIL's sustainability strategy also includes these three dimensions.

Sustainability affects everything we do. Human beings are our most important resource.  Well-being, safety and occupational disease-free workplaces are most important

At the same time, we must do our part to ensure sustainable societies, affect the environment as little as possible and ensure responsible action.

Today, TESS BRAZIL captures photovoltaic energy to supply its industrial activities, generating an average of5,700 kWh per month. We reuse rainwater to maintain the company's daily needs, as in the use of the bathrooms and kitchen.We also have an oil-water separation system. which is reused in hydraulic testing services and other activities in the production process.

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